• Classroom with Lecture Capture System

    By connecting the Lecture Capture System to NMP, we can build a - Lecture Capture classroom with live streaming, so more video input sources can be extended to the Lecture Capture System, also there are abundant video course resources can be obtained.

    Layout of connected devices

    Application scenarios

    Remote learning through Youtube

    When network speed is superb, teachers can push lectures through live streaming, students can learn online through YouTube. When the online class is over, they can also watch the playback content on YouTube.

    Simple Operation

    Teacher starts to record the class by one click, the system will automatically conduct to achieve close-up, overall view and shot cut .After recording, teacher can also upload the video to the FTP server for students to download and study offline.

    Lecture delivery on campus

    Popular lecturers of school can deliver open classes to all classrooms in time by Q-NEX live streaming, so as to solve the problem of limited classroom space. Meanwhile,the whole classes can also be recorded for replay later.

    Scheduled tasks for daily management

    To release school IT admin from repetitive daily work of device management, Q-NEX Console allows the administrators to set up scheduled tasks which could be automatically executed by order. For example, "Power On" devices, such as lights, A/C, projector, projection screen etc., in the classroom at 8am, and it will work automatically without the on-site participation of a IT admin.

    AV Switching

    During capturing the lecture, the AV switching function of NMP will output the multi-source courseware screen to the Video Station, so as to ensure the richness and diversity of the teaching content. For example, when the teacher is doing the presentation, he can switch to the document camera for adding the real object into the screen for further elaboration, or when he wants to explain the homework, he can switch to the wireless presentation device for sharing the student’s screen.

    Intelligent Lecture Capture System

    During the class, the camera automatically tracks the teacher, and intelligently switches the panoramic and close-up images of the teacher according to the changes of the scene. When the teacher explains the courseware through the touch screen, Video Station will automatically switch the courseware screen to the main recording screen, without manual operation in the whole process.


    Q-NEX Lecture Capture Classroom Solution - Brochure


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