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      Control Box


      Q-NEX Control Box

      As the wireless control module of Q-NEX Networked Media Processor, Q-NEX Control Box (CBX) easily realizes the remote control of campus electric devices (e.g. air conditioners, lights, electric curtains, projectors and monitors) through 2.4GHz wireless transmission. No need for wiring or changing existing electric lines, its wall-mounted design provides convenient and fast installation with stable and reliable performance.

      Product Overview


      Wireless Connection

      Connect to Q-NEX Networked Media Processor through 2.4G wireless transmission. Convenient installation without wiring or change of existing electric lines.

      Unified control

      Remote control anytime and anywhere on unified Q-NEX Console through Internet.

      Multiple control interfaces

      Wireless control of various devices with RS232, IR, and Relay interfaces.

      Device control extension for Q-NEX NMP211/NMP221

      CBX is an extension of control interfaces of NMP, and each NMP can be connected to 4 additional CBXs.

      Connection Diagram



      Q-NEX Control Box - Brochure.pdf


      Q-NEX Control Box - User Manual.pdf


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