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    Appliances for Lecture Capture in the Classroom


    Lecture capture is one of the most common applications of video conferencing in the classroom. It allows students to view recorded lectures from the comfort of their own computer, thereby reducing travel time and costs for both students and professors. Lecture capture systems can also be used to help students who are not able to attend class due to illness or other reasons by allowing them access to content created during a lecture as well as notes taken by other students who were present at that particular session.

    4K Cameras

    4K cameras are great for recording lectures and other events. They have a higher resolution than HD cameras, and they're more expensive. 4K cameras can also be used to live stream your lectures, which is an option that might come in handy if you want to reach students who don't have access to the classroom or who live far away.

    Digital Video Recorders

    Digital video recorders are used with a digital camera to capture the video signal. They can also be used to record lectures, or even to record video from a security camera. The DVR may integrate with a lecture capture system, allowing you to switch between live view and recording modes at will. If you're using a cloud service to store your recordings on the internet, then the DVR can stream those recordings directly into your lecture capture system.

    Wireless Microphone Systems

    Wireless microphone systems give you more freedom of movement. You can move around the room and interact with your students, who will also be able to move freely around the room. This is especially helpful when it comes to asking questions or calling on specific individuals in class.

    Digital Audio Recorders

    The audio recorder can be used to record audio from a microphone, or it can be connected to another recording device such as a digital camera or DSLR. The audio recorder can then be synced with your video footage in post-production, making it possible to have ??on the fly?? interviews or lectures recorded live. This is also useful for recording podcasts where you have multiple people speaking at once.

    2 Channel Amplifiers

    If you are setting up a lecture capture system, an amplifier is the core of your setup. The amplifier will be used to drive speakers or headphones and should be chosen based on the number of microphones, speakers and headphones you will have as well as their distance from each other. The most important factors in choosing an amplifier are:

    • Power rating (watts)

    • Number of channels (how many microphones can it drive?)

    • Level controls for each channel

    If you need help choosing an amplifier, contact our team.

    External Table Top Speakers

    External Table Top Speakers are an essential part of the lecture capture system. Table top speakers are placed directly in front of the lecturer and should be at least 2 feet apart, with an unobstructed path from the lectern to each speaker. The speakers should also be at least 4 feet above the floor. It??s important that your external table top or ceiling mounted speakers have a high frequency response so that you can hear all those details like ??umms?? and ??uhs?? during lectures where professors are thinking out loud about what they want to say next.

    Ceiling Speakers

    Ceiling speakers are a great choice for multimedia classrooms. They can be installed above the heads of students, ensuring that everyone can hear clearly, and they're often hidden behind drop ceilings so they're not visible. If you want to keep your ceiling speaker arrangement inconspicuous, it's a good idea to hide them behind panels or drop ceiling tiles.

    Installing ceiling speakers may require cutting into the wall above your classroom??s high windows or doorways. That can be tricky??and messy??so make sure you have proper ventilation (e.g., fans) before beginning this process!

    Wall Plates with HDMI Connectors

    With an HDMI connector, you can connect your laptop or tablet to a projector or display. The HDMI connector is a standard that allows for high-definition (HD) video signals to be transmitted over long distances without signal degradation.

    With an HDMI cable and a VGA adaptor, you can connect your laptop or tablet directly to an external monitor without needing to use the computer's built-in display. Most computers have at least one USB port that supports the VGA protocol, but if not you may need a USB hub in order for it to work properly on older devices.

    With the right equipment, you can capture your lectures.

    • You need a laptop, projector and camera that you can connect to your computer.

    • You'll also want to make sure that both the audio and video are working properly before you start recording your lecture.

    • To ensure this, turn on your camera and project it onto the screen in front of you so that everyone can see what's going on during class (and so you know whether or not everything is working right).

    • If all goes well with these tests, then it's time to record some lectures!


    The classroom is a great place to capture lectures, as long as you have the right equipment. With 4K cameras and digital video recorders, you can record high-quality videos that will help your students understand what they??re learning. For more information about lecture capture system, contact us

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