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    Design a Cloud- Based Convergent Solution for Classroom Collaboration

    Design a Cloud- Based Convergent Solution for Classroom Collaboration

    Q-NEX Cloud-based convergent solution for classroom collaboration is a highly integrated system for the centralized control of classroom devices that converges LAN switch, AV matrix switch, wireless mic system, AV decoder, power relay, digital amplifier. electronic lock module, etc. It can be used as a control system for further flexibility.

    Networked Media Processor

    The Networked Media Processor is the heart of the solution and provides a centralized control for classroom devices. It controls the classroom devices from a single point and allows users to share screens, control devices, and collaborate in real time.

    AV Matrix Switch

    AV Matrix Switch

    The AV matrix switch is a device that allows users to share screens, control devices and collaborate in real time. This type of system is useful for classroom collaboration because it allows students to participate in the same activities at the same time from different locations.

    Central Control Unit

    The central control unit is the heart of your classroom collaboration solution. It will be used to provide centralized control of all classroom devices, including tablets and computers. This means that you can keep track of what??s happening in your class with just one device. You can also use the central control unit to share screens between users and collaborate in real time. For example, if you want two people to share a PowerPoint presentation on their screens at once, this can be done through the central control unit. Moreover, teachers can use it as an easy way to share their screen with their students or vice versa.

    Wireless Mic System

    A wireless microphone system allows you to record and playback audio within a classroom. These systems can be used for presentations, lectures, or to capture the sound of an interactive whiteboard during class-wide discussions. These devices allow instructors to charge their devices from a standard USB port on the computer or by plugging them into an electrical outlet. They may also be able to take advantage of an optional battery pack so they can use the microphone without being tethered to a power source. The following are some examples of these types of microphones:

    • The Logitech ConferenceCam 720P is ideal for capturing meetings and conferences in HD video with clear voice quality

    • The Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 offers superior image quality at 1080p resolution and includes a wide field of view with autofocus capabilities

    A/V Decoder

    An A/V decoder can do the following:

    • Decode audio, video and data signals

    • Provide digital audio and video signals

    • Allow for the transmission of audio and video signals

    • Allow for the transmission of data signals

    Power Relay Module

    The Power Relay Module is a device that allows the system to power on/off devices based on the class schedule and the user request. This module has two modes:

    • The first mode allows the system to power off devices based on the class schedule. In this mode, when a user logs in, he will be able to see his profile and choose whether he wants to join a particular class or not. A list of classes are shown for him along with their schedules (e.g., daily at 4pm). If he selects one of these classes from his list then only he can access this room at that particular time and other users cannot get into it because they don't have permission for that particular period.

    • The second mode allows users to request for permission for entering into rooms after obtaining admission through an admin or moderator using their credentials (username & password). Once they enter into rooms under this condition then they would be able to join any kind of activity available there without worrying about any time limit or permissions issues as long as they have entered inside those designated zones before anyone else requests access by themselves

    Digital Amplifier

    The digital amplifier is the heart of the system. It's the backbone of the system, and it's also what makes it work. Without an amplifier, your entire system would be useless. The amplifier is like your brain: it processes information from a variety of sources (other devices) and then decides how to handle that information. Finally, think of your digital amplifier as being like your central nervous system??it connects all parts together so they can work together efficiently and effectively!

    Electronic Lock Module

    Electronic Lock Module

    The Electronic Lock Module is a control hub that allows you to share screens, control devices and collaborate in real time. This module can be used by classroom teachers or students for group collaboration, allowing users to control devices with a single touch. The module also allows users to share their screens and collaborate in real time from any location.

    Allows users to share screens, control devices, and collaborate in real time.

    To allow users to share screens, control devices, and collaborate in real time.


    We hope this article has given you a better understanding of our Q-NEX NMP vision and the design principles that went into creating it. We??re excited to continue building on these ideas with future products and features??as always, we??d love to hear your feedback!

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