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    Q-NEX Smart Solutions for Higher Education


    When we talk about a digital classroom, we mean more than just the ability to project your presentation on a large screen. A truly connected classroom is one that provides an integrated AV solution for all areas of the campus: classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums. You need to be able to control everything from a central panel in your office and monitor the live feed from cameras situated in different locations throughout campus. With Q-Nex solutions you can do this with ease and enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your equipment works seamlessly together??allowing you to focus on what really matters: teaching!

    Classroom AV integration

    Q-NEX solutions provide Peace of Mind to the campus IT administrator. With Q-Nex, you can have a centralized control and distribution of audio/video, a remote control of the IT admin, and classroom AV integration.

    There are many uses for Q-Nex in Higher Education:

    • Classroom AV Integration

    • Collaboration Rooms (i.e. lecture halls)

    • Auditoriums

    Remote control for school IT admin

    Q-NEX solutions can be accessed remotely and are completely secure. In case of any issues or concerns, you can look at the system from anywhere in the world. You don??t have to worry about being on campus to resolve any issue with your campus automation system; you don??t even need to be in town! This also frees up more time for an active learning experience for students and staff members alike. Q-NEX solutions are easy to use. They are completely intuitive and don??t require any training. The system is designed so that anyone can use it, even if they have no experience with AV integration or technology in general.

    Centralized audio/video control and distribution

    Q-NEX Smart Solutions for Higher Education offers the ability to centrally control audio/video equipment across multiple locations and campuses by app. Q-NEX solutions enable you to better manage your AV equipment, save time, and maximize your investment in existing equipment.

    You can also easily distribute video content to any number of screens in different rooms or buildings, with full audio and video quality maintained at each location.

    Q-Nex solutions provide Peace of Mind to the campus IT admin.

    Q-Nex solutions provide Peace of Mind to the campus IT admin. They are flexible, scalable, future proof and cost effective. They are flexible, scalable, future proof and cost effective. Q-NEX solutions provide Peace of Mind to the campus IT admin. They are flexible, scalable, future proof and cost effective.

    They are reliable and secure, meaning that your school can continue to focus on its core business while Q-Nex takes care of the security side of things.


    Q-NEX offers a complete solution that is tailored to each campus?? needs. We have amassed a team of experts who are well versed in the education industry, and they have helped us create an all-inclusive offering that provides peace of mind to school IT admins everywhere. Q-NEX is ready to answer your call and help you find the right solution for your campus! We offer a free consultation to discuss your security needs, so give us a call today.

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