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    What is Audio Visual Integration?

    Audio visual integration is a term you may have heard from someone who works as an audio visual integrator. Although it is a common term in the industry, audiovisual integration is similar to strategy. Although people have an idea of the meaning, a coherent definition is not easy to come up with. 

    We'll begin with audiovisual- Audiovisual means: "of or related to both hearing and vision" This is evident when you consider video conferencing, and how it enhances conversation by allowing you to see the person you are talking to. Next, integration is defined by Merriam Webster as "the act or process of integrating". We dig deeper to find out why that is not helpful. Integrating is: "to create, coordinate, or mix into a functioning, or unified whole." 

    What is audio visual integration? 

    Combining these definitions will give us a better understanding of audio visual integration. Here is the Q-NEX version. Audio visual Integration is a combination of technologies that relate to sight and hearing into one whole. It involves the coordination of speakers, microphones and projectors with control panels and video conferencing software. Design is an important part of audio visual integration.

     Q-NEX, an audio visual integration and design firm, helps people communicate and connect through audio visual technology. Integration and design of AV is more than just hanging them on the wall. It is crucial that the design element be included in order to allow the team to seamlessly integrate the technologies. The entire system must be mapped out by skilled designers who will ensure that each technology is compatible with the other and can combine to achieve the desired outcome. 

    A firm that designs and integrates your solution will give you the chance to provide input early in the process. To ensure that your vision is realized, you will be able give feedback on the design.

    Instead of getting a generic solution that might not meet all your needs but may be suitable for some, you will receive a customized solution tailored to your space. 

    Control system programming, user interface layouts and architectural drawings packages are all important elements in a sound audio visual system design. Each one of these elements is crucial in providing reliable and functioning systems. Once the design phase is completed, technicians can start integrating the hardware. They will physically visit the site to pull in wire, mount screens and speakers, and connect all electronic components.

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