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    Q-NEX Console is a web-based platform that can help IT administrators remotely control devices, distribute AV contents and manage scheduled list for automatic operation in a school. It makes the work no longer be confined to time and place, so long as there is an Internet access, all the campus devices can be under control by a click.


    Remote Device Control

    Web login, no need to install software. Available for bulk control of multiple devices Available for mobile phone control of multiple devices IT administrators can manage campus devices through laptop or mobile phone when they’re on business trip or on leave

    Campus Broadcast

    Audio/Video playlist creating Selected device broadcast Available for mandatory broadcast Available for text notification Admins can play music during the after-class time, listening comprehension tests and campus notifications/ announcements, etc.

    Schedule List Setting

    Setting time for automatic power on/off Setting time for AV distribution or notification Setting particular time to perform task list Setting repeatable task list to perform periodicall All devices on campus can be set to turn on before school and turn off after school, and ring school bell, play music or video for class automatically from Monday to Friday during a semester.

    Cloud Storage

    Mass memory for public storage Allocated individual storage Uploaded files on cloud storage for broadcasting IT admins has the authority to allocate public and individual storage, which will make it easier for teachers to share curriculum resources and coursewares in the school

    Live Streaming

    Available for web camera connection Available for live streaming by mobile phone Select certain NMPs to display the live streaming Create live public address of a principal.broadcast campus events to TVs in classrooms or school auditorium. Emergency notification by broadcasting

    Dashboard of Q-NEX Console

    Devices Data Analysis

    Real-time collection, feedback and update of device usage status
    Big data graphics review, history data queries.

    Through data analysis of Dashboard, administrators can monitor devices usage status on campus and apply more effective strategy for usage.

    Devices Management

    Help IT admin fix failures of a device timely by checking connection of devices and send a prompt to IT admin automatically when a NMP is disconnected.
    Rename NMP interfaces with specific devices connected respectively, for a better identification of devices in the system.

    Users Management

    Setting group and authority of normal user and super admin for different needs.

    For example, to distinguish authorities between admins and teachers, it can allow principal and IT admin to access to dashboard of Q-NEX Console, edit users authority and check running status of devices.

    Media Server/ Cloud Storage Management

    Allocate storage space for public and authorized individual storage to get the storage more efficiently used in the system

    Card Management


    Each user can have one IC card to access certain devices.

    Provide user card and admin card to grant different user permission of device control.

    Review card usage log to keep track of every device operation detail.

    Have a Question or Want a Quotation?

    Access to Q-NEX sales, assistance, dealer referrals for sales Inquiries and information requests. Q-NEX specialist are ready to assist you.

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